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Bain De Luxe


This luxury shampoo not only conditions with the most exquisite and precious substances, but it also gives your hair, scalp and soul a first-class de luxe spa experience.

Size: 200ml


Pure, elegant silk, rare, sparkling pearls and an effervescent drop of indulgent champagne. What enticing treasures that incite sensuality, seduction and longing. Luxury is life’s little extra. How wonderful when you can not only pamper yourself, but also your hair and scalp.

The luxury shampoo Bain de Luxe is packed with high-class ingredients.

The finest treasures from nature and the depths of the ocean, such as extracts of cactus and highly potent active ingredients from red algae, are a soothing treat for hair and scalp. They provide maximum moisture and protect the hair from damaging external influences. The luxury shampoo Bain de Luxe contains pure silk peptides, which surround every single hair like a delicate cocoon, pamper it with the ultimate care, giving it an incomparable and exquisite touch. A natural pearl extract gives the hair a special kind of sparkling, brilliant shine.

Bain de Luxe is a luxury shampoo to satisfy the highest demands.

The valuable care treasures in Bain de Luxe are stored in an elegant dispenser – exclusively manufactured by La Biosthétique.

Additional information

Main Ingredients

• Pure silk peptides: improve the hair structure
• Natural pearl extract: gives the hair sparkling shine
• Extract of cactus, red algae active ingredients: protect and moisturise the hair as you wash
• A plant active ingredient complex of blossoms, fruits and roots from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM): harmonises the scalp
• Champagne extract: invigorates hair and scalp


Moisten your hair, evenly distribute Bain de Luxe from the scalp to the tips, gently lather up and thoroughly rinse.


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