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Baume Apaisant


Instantly relaxing anti-dandruff treatment and gentle hair care for sensitive scalps based on the latest medical research.


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An irritated, scaly scalp robs all hair of its shine and vitality. That is why La Biosthétique developed Baume Apaisant 2 in 1, the new kind of anti-dandruff hair care. After only one application, the balm is an instantly relaxing anti-dandruff treatment for the scalp and is also a gentle hair care after every wash. Baume Apaisant cools irritated scalps. A highly efficient active complex normalises the impaired process of cell formation, reduces dandruff-triggering microbes and soothes nervous overreactions of stressed scalps. The finest lady’s smock oil, panthenol and horse chestnut extract give the hair optimum combability, natural shine and silkiness. Baume Apaisant, the calming essential for hair and scalp, provides a relaxed start for a dandruff-free day.

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Main Ingredients

* Zinc pyrithione and Complexe Pellicules: reduces dandruff-triggering
microbes and boosts the formation and maturation of healthy keratin cells
* Active ingredient complex of pepper fruits, Inga Alba bark and mimosa:
revitalises and stabilises the scalp and actively prevents the formation of
new dandruff
* A new kind of tetrapeptide: reduces the risk of inflammations, calms the
stressed scalp and increases the scalp’s resistance
* Horse chestnut and liquorice: soothe inflammation and encourage rapid
* Panthenol: calms the scalp
* Caffeine: strengthens the hair roots and improves the scalp circulation
* Finest lady’s smock oil: conditions the hair and gives it a beautiful


After washing, ideally with Shampooing Apaisant, directly apply Baume Apaisant to scalp, massage in, comb into hair, leave for 1 minute and rinse. And you’re done!


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