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Beauté Conditionneur Douceur


Express care for softness and shine


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Healthy hair looks and feels soft and silky. But if it looks dull and straggly, it is already damaged and needs help immediately. The fine care milk Beauté Conditionneur Douceur enrobes hair in need of care like an invisible veil and develops its full power of natural conditioning ingredients. Natural ceramide is combined with a highly concentrated avocado oil extract and nourishes the porous parts with moisture and maximum care. The porous parts are sealed in a flash. The basis of soft hair. Beauté Conditionneur Douceur contains multi-active panthenol. It improves the hair’s moisture-binding capacities and thus gives the hair natural bounce and silky softness. Valuable mango seed oil completes the care ritual, makes it even softer and also gives it extremely seductive shine. Wonderful when you’re in a rush in the morning: the hair can be quickly and easily combed again. Beauté Conditionneur Douceur is a wonderful express care after washing.

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A naturally occurring ceramide and extracts of avocado oil: balance out unevenness and ensure that the cuticle is sealed
Mango seed oil: makes hair soft, shiny and combable
Panthenol: improves the hair’s moisture-binding capacities and gives the hair bounce and softness


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