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Cream Clay


Cream Clay gives your hair natural hold and conjures a silky shimmer.


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Weightless finish!

This light modulating paste texturizes the hair without weighing it down. Fashionable haircuts get the finishing touches. The finish cream gives a short, fine hair a natural hold, nourishes and gives a silky shimmer. With curly or long straight hair, Cream Clay provides a grippy texture. Even the lords of creation have their true joy. Turning around is the business short cut.

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Main ingredients

* Natural kaolin (mixture of
porcelain earths), Carnauba
(wax of the Brazilian
Carnauba palm): give
firmness, clearly defined
contours and silky matte
* A supple resin improves the
texture for a perfect finish


Apply cream clay with your fingertips in dry hair and style.


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