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Curl Shampoo


Curl Shampoo for curly hair prevents annoying frizziness, provides gentle and careful cleansing and is highly moisturising.


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Curly hair can dance and is full of movement. Sexy, quirky and vivacious. And sometimes totally untamed when expressive curls are replaced by uncontrolled frizz.

Curl Shampoo respects and supports the special curl structure of the hair, giving it precisely what it needs. NMFs provide silkiness, shine and elasticity. The gentle care shampoo for curly hair contains an innovative bounce back polymer for elastic bounce, convenient stylability and longer durability of your lively curly mane.

The result – fascinating curls with silky shine!

Additional information

Main ingredients

* Bounce Back Polymer:
moisturising and moisture-
binding, increases bounce
* Sea salt: supplies mineral
* The Natural Moisturising
Factor (NMF): provides deep
protection from dehydration
* The amino acid serine:
protects hair from


Evenly distribute Curl Shampoo into your moistened hair, lightly knead in and then rinse out


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