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Elixir Anti-Chute Premium


Cell-active scalp care elixir prevents hair loss, protects against aging processes and strengthens hair growth.


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Hair and scalp care with a medical component!

La Biosthétique combats the signs of time – with a holistic, cell biology based anti-aging concept.


The scalp ages too! The cell activity is reduced as is the skin’s ability to rapidly regenerate! In contrast to the facial skin, however, it doesn’t get any wrinkles, but the connective tissue hardens as the result of saccharification. But in reality this needn’t bother us because the signs of aging are not as directly visible, or are they? Unfortunately, they are because the hair is also affected by the aging of the scalp, which is consequently no longer properly nourished. And this is clearly visible! They become finer and sparser, their youthful bounce and elasticity are lost, they turn grey and the worst case scenario is age-related hair loss. The anti-aging scalp care Elixir Anti-Chute puts an end to this and gives the scalp a rejuvenation treatment. The elixir combats the signs of time and dege¬nerative hardening of the tissue with cell-active powerful active ingredients for cell rejuvenation. The tired scalp is additionally supplied with energising glycogen and plant extracts that invigorate the metabolism, reactivate the division rate of the stem cells and neutralise weakening free radicals. Natural anti-aging cells in the scalp are protected and their life is extended. The scalp is revitalised. Its functions and those of the hair roots are reactivated. Proven to prevent thinning hair and gradual hair loss. The hair is given the best prerequisites for healthy growth!

Dermosthétique® Anti-Age contains three types of cell extracts to actively influence the origin and causes of scalp aging:

A polyphenol of larch wood: increases the division rate of the stem cells of the hair follicle

Phyto cell extracts: for protection, regeneration and support of parent cells Glyco cell extracts: for keeping skin and hair young. Inspired by anti-aging face care, Elixir Anti-Chute optimises youthful radiance!

Additional information

Main Ingredients

* A polyphenol from larch wood reactivates the formation of young stem
* Complexe Régénérant inhibits the formation of dihydrotestosterone, a
trigger of androgenic hair loss
* Highly dosed liposomally encapsulated phyto cell extract: supportive
protection of parent cells in the scalp and follicles
* Glyco cell extract from bearberry and Indian padauk: supports the anti-
saccharification and offers active UV protection
* Glycogen: energises
* Bearberry: inhibits the effects of saccharification


Shake before use!

Distribute approx. 5 ml Elixir Anti-Chute after every shampoo along the parting of the scalp and lightly massage in with the fingertips. Leave-in product.


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