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Gel Ultra Strong


The hair gel gives short cuts the final touch – ultrastark, ultra fast.


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Gel Ultra Strong does not tolerate any resistance. Rain, wind, heat – the hair gel defies any weather and keeps the hair in shape all day. Gel Ultra Strong forms a firm yet elastic film around every hair. This keeps it in shape for a long time, but it can still be combed out without any problems. Crumbs? No trace of it. Brilliance and beauty? Absolute! Perfectly suited for hurry, because it dries very quickly. Strong, right?

Additional information

Main ingredients

* Specific gel base in
combination with a very high
proportion of strengthening
components: keep each
hairstyle circle particularly
long "crumbless" in shape
* Integrated "clear complex":
maintains the brilliance and
beauty of the hair


Gel Ultra Strong, depending on the desired effect, incorporate partially or over the entire surface into dry or slightly damp hair and bring the hair into shape


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