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IAU Lycomint Cleansing 600ml


Lebel IAU Lycomint Cleansing Icy is a silicon free shampoo, it leaves your scalp refreshing feeling with cool. Enriched with Lycopene and Mint, Lycopene helps antioxidant, Mint helps to replenish hydration and refresh the scalp.


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LEBEL IAU Lycomint CLEANSING ICY Shampoo with antioxidants based on lycopene and mint gently cleanses the scalp. Normalizes the secretion of sebaceous glands and helps to maintain an essential level of moisture for an ideal skin condition. Lycopene found in tomato extract and mint extract solves the problem of lack of moisture in the scalp and in the hair. Shampoo removes and prevents excessive secretion of sebum, that causes an unpleasant odor. Moisturizes the scalp and hair. During washing, it gives a feeling of icy freshness.


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