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Le Parfum


The sensuous scent creation, specially created for La Biosthétique by the international master of scent essences Geza Schön.


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The scent of sensuality.

Dreamy with casual lightness and elegance: The perfume of La Biosthétique has an impressive amount of facettes. The lightness of the fresh and fruity notes of peach, grapefruit and mandarin is are coupled with the soft and feminine scent of magnolia blossoms, jasmine and iris and ultimately combined with a mysteriously sensuous accord of the essences of bergamot and vanilla. Long-lasting and yet sophisticatedly subtle Created based on the ideas of internationally successful perfumier Geza Schön. A scent that becomes one with the woman wearing it.

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Spray perfume from a short distance on to the skin and let dry. It should never be rubbed on to the skin. The top note of the scent evaporates faster and thus develops a completely different scent note. For all aromas to unfold as intensely as possible, we recommend spraying the perfume on to areas with good circulation: behind the ear lobes, on the neck or on the wrists. The perfume also lasts for a long time in the hair.


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