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Mask Dry Hair


The intensive hair care mask regenerates and strengthens very dry, damaged, stressed hair. It gives it noticeable elasticity, bounce and softness.


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We know that sun, salt water, air conditioning and frequent treatments with hot hair stylers make their mark on the hair’s structure. The consequences are fatal: It is damaged, stressed and highly dehydrated. It looks unattractive, dull and lifeless. Due to the clear lack of elasticity and softness, it is difficult or even impossible to style. Now the only solution is an SOS care treatment!

The regenerative intensive mask deeply repairs very dry, damaged, stressed hair – from roots to tips. The hair structure is immediately strengthened and is thus more resistant to all stress factors. Hairstyles are once again effortless to create. The hair looks impressively soft and glows with shimmering shine.

A revolutionary lipid cocktail makes anything possible:

The instant hydro lipid effect provides up to 34 percent more softness.

The long-term hydro lipid effect provides 24-hour softness.

After just one application, the hydro lipid regeneration effect restores the hair’s protective lipid film.

Lamellar phospholipids deeply penetrate the hair structure, repair any damage with combined power and seal the cuticle. This results in amazingly smooth, ultra shiny, simply beautiful hair you will fall in love with.

The sensuously fresh scent of bergamot, rhubarb, peach, lily of the valley, rose or jasmine turns every application into an experience for all the senses. This was created by an international scent designer – exclusively for La Biosthétique Paris.

Additional information

Main ingredients

* Lamellar phospholipids (LPL):
Repairs rough and porous
areas, balances out
unevenness and seals the
cuticle. Restores the hair’s
softness and shine.
* Moroccan argan oil: supplies
the hair with the natural fatty
substances it lacks
* Plant active ingredients from
the desert rose: moisturises
and thus regulate the hair’s
delicate moisture balance


After washing, distribute evenly into towel-dried hair, leave in for 10 minutes and rinse thoroughly.


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