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Powder Spray


The perfect finish for a trendy matt look: Powder spray for more hair structure and filling. For styling and re-styling!


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The latest trend in hair styling is unrestricted, casual and absolutely in: the matt look. The casual style conjures up an exciting undone look and makes the hair look exciting without irritation. With the help of the powder spray the hairstyle gets more grip and abundance. The matt spray leaves unwanted shine in seconds simply by modified strength, so is the fast refresher to the restylene for between. Plattes hair is a thing of the past thanks to powder spray. It provides a feeling of freshness and an exclusive fragrance experience. With Powderspray dance the night – the hairstyle sits.

Ideal for all hair types and lengths, men like women and the wanted out-of-bed looks!

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Shake well before use. Targeted and spray with a distance of 20-30 centimeters onto the neck and / or the lengths of the dry hair and then to the desired shape with the fingers.

NOTE: When the hair is dark, the matting effect can be more visible at short notice. By loosening the hair with the fingers, an even distribution of the desired matting effect occurs.


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