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Serum Anti Frizz


Anti Frizz Serum controls stubborn, unruly hair and keeps it in style.


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No matter how much effort and skill you put into styling it, some hair simply refuses to cooperate or loses its style after just a short time. But not with Serum Anti Frizz. The innovative serum tames unruly hair and reliably gets it under control. Styling is easy and you can finally enjoy lasting styling enjoyment. Anti Frizz Serum reliably gets stubborn hair under control.

Its hydrosoluble fine silicones tame the hair, surround the cuticle and lastingly stabilise the moisture balance. An effective UV filter protects hair against environmental influences. Flyaway hair is smoothened and effortlessly tamed with Anti Frizz Serum. Bye-bye stubborn hair. Hello wonderfully elastic, smooth and silky, shiny hair. The new kind of Aqua Style complex, specially developed by La Biosthétique, is a key ingredient in Anti Frizz system care that ensures Serum Anti Frizz reliably keeps difficult hair under control for 48 hours!

Additional information

Main ingredients

* Light silicones: smoothen the
hair and make it less sensitive to
changing conditions
* UV filter: protection against UV


Work Anti Frizz Serum into dry hair, particularly into the sensitive lengths and tips. Leave-in product.

Tip: Also ideal as a refreshing pick-me-up for difficult hair


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