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Shampooing Actif N


Cell-active anti-aging shampoo for the supportive treatment of signs of aging of scalp and stressed hair. Gentle cleansing, strengthening of stressed hair and prevention of hair loss.


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Hair and scalp care with a medical component!

La Biosthétique combats the signs of time – with a holistic, cellular anti-aging concept.

Like bathing in the Fountain of Youth!

Age doesn’t spare hair and scalp. As the aging process is only 30 percent genetic, but 70 percent dependent on external influences, you can do quite a bit with the right care to delay the signs of aging.

Shampooing Actif N very gently cleanses stressed hair and scalp and supplies the scalp with rejuvenating cell-active active ingredients while you wash. The very aggressive free radicals in the hair that are produced by UV radiation are deactivated. Hair and scalp are thus protected from aging processes. In addition, a nature-identical ceramide and keratin building blocks strengthen the sensitive¬ hair structure and protect it against premature wear and tear. The conditioning components in the anti-aging shampoo for fine hair don’t weigh the hair down, but provide pleasant softness and rebuild its bounce and volume.

Dermosthétique® Anti-Age contains two types of cell extracts to actively influence the origin and causes of scalp aging:

Phyto cell extracts: for protection, regeneration and support of parent cells

Glyco cell extracts: for keeping skin and hair young

Shampooing Actif N for younger and fuller hair with shine and bounce!

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Evenly distribute Shampooing Actif N into the hair and on the scalp, massage into the scalp, briefly leave in and rinse.


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