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Visarôme Dynamique R


This natural aromatherapy complex stimulates the scalp’s circulation and metabolism, improves the nourishment of the hair roots and optimises the conditions for hair growth.


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Dynamism in the hair – that’s what we want! But what if it becomes thinner and thinner, loses body and if there is an increasing amount of hair loss? And hair growth? No chance! Thanks to the Visarôme Dynamique R aromatherapy complex, the hair’s vitality is restored. High-quality and pure natural essential oils such as rosemary, sage, lavender or thyme stimulate the scalp with the freshness of a herb garden. Thanks to the effective aromatherapy complex, the circulation and the natural scalp functions are stimulated, the metabolism is activated and hair growth is thus actively encouraged. The scalp enjoys unusual freshness. Thanks to the harmonious scent, the scalp is extraordinarily relaxed and regenerated, as if it had just returned from an olfactory journey.

Visarôme Dynamique R is balm for hair, scalp and soul.

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Main Ingredients

* Natural essential oils of rosemary, sage, lavender, geranium and thyme:
stimulate hair growth and balance the scalp


Several times a week, distribute 1 to 1.5 pipettes Visarôme Dynamique R on to points of the scalp and then lightly massage in with your fingertips. Relax and enjoy new freshness.


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