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Anti-Pelliculaire Shampooing Apaisant

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Additional Information 

An Anti-dandruff Shampoo that gently cleanses the sensitive hair and scalp, thoroughly but very gently frees it from dandruff and actively prevents dandruff.

*Dermosthétique anti-dandruff therapy Anti-Pelliculaire instantly and gently eradicates the acute problem of visible dandruff, reduces dandruff-triggering microbes and also makes the scalp more resistant to stress factors.

*Restores the hair’s shine, silkiness and beauty.

*The calming anti-dandruff Shampooing Apaisant with its very skin-friendly formula calms and cleanses the highly sensitive, scaly scalp thoroughly but extremely gently.

*An effective complex that features natural ingredients to work on the microflora of the scalp reduces dandruff-triggering microbes.

*An instantly effective anti-inflammatory phyto complex of plant active ingredients¬ such as mimosa and horse chestnut noticeably calms the irritated, itchy skin.

-Main Ingredient

*Zinc pyrithione and Complexe Pellicules
*Active ingredient complex of pepper fruits, Inga Alba bark and mimosa
*Extracts of licorice and oat active ingredients
*Horse chestnut and liquorice


*Evenly distribute Shampooing Apaisant into your wet hair, lather up, massage into the scalp allow to briefly take effect and rinse. 

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