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Serum Anti-Frizz

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Size :50ml 

Additional Information :

-Its hydrosoluble fine silicones tame the hair, surround the cuticle and lastingly stabilise the moisture balance.

-An effective UV filter protects hair against environmental influences. Flyaway hair is smoothened and effortlessly tamed with Anti Frizz Serum.

-The new kind of Aqua Style complex, specially developed by La Biosthétique, is a key ingredient in Anti Frizz system care that ensures Serum Anti Frizz reliably keeps difficult hair under control for 48 hours.

Main Ingredient :

- Light silicones: smoothen the hair and make it less sensitive to changing conditions

- UV filter: protection against UV radiation

Usage :

-Work Anti Frizz Serum into dry hair, particularly into the sensitive lengths and tips. Leave-in product.

*TIP: Also ideal as a refreshing pick-me-up for difficult hair

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