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Visarone Dynamique N

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Size: 30ml

Additional Information 

The aromatherapy complex Visarôme Dynamique N calms both oily and moist scalps and creates optimum conditions for healthy hair growth.

High-quality and purely natural essential oils from perfumed juniper berries, cypress and sage caress the scalp and cool and calm it. The circulation is normalised and the sweat production is reduced. The scalp becomes clearer and fresher, it functions are clearly improved and irritations are rapidly reduced. The harmonious scent is relaxing and soothing. This little olfactory trip lifts your mood and gives you new strength.

-Main Ingredient 

*Natural essential oils from juniper berries, cypress and sage: inhibit sweat gland activity, calm the scalp and combat oiliness.


*Several times a week, distribute 1 to 1.5 pipettes Visarôme Dynamique N on to points of the scalp and then lightly massage in with your fingertips. Relax and enjoy new freshness. 

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